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IASGO (International Association of Gastroenterologists and Oncologists) is one of the world’s leader gastroenterology and oncology associations that focus on innovation in these fields. IASGO community consists of the best doctors and surgeons in the gastroenterology and oncology fields. The association is growing every day as new members continue to join.

The main purpose of IASGO is to promote innovations and multidisciplinary approaches to achieve better medical care standards to address GI diseases. These innovative and multidisciplinary approaches also work on improving the standards to treat GI diseases.

IASGO has an official scientific journal called Surgery, Gastroenterology and Oncology (SGO). This journal accepts papers from the best gastroenterology and oncology doctors and surgeons from different countries across the world. The doctors and surgeons who send their papers to the journal focus on GI diseases, treatment of GI disease, innovative methods and new technologies in this field. Surgery, Gastroenterology and Oncology (SGO) is a Scopus-indexed journal. Editor-in-Chief Dr. Nuh Rahbari (Germany) and Vice Editor-in-Chief Dr. Irinel Popescu (Romania) are among the successful team of Surgery, Gastroenterology and Oncology (SGO).

IASGO offers various training programs to gastroenterology and oncology doctors and surgeons around the world. The main purpose of the training offered by the association is to reach excellent patient care standards with high-quality practices. The training programs are carefully designed to address different needs and requirements of the gastroenterology and oncology fields.

The association offers three fellowship options to support the development of doctors and surgeons. These fellowship options are travelling fellowships, training fellowships and teaching fellowships. The candidate can apply for any of these fellowship options to benefit from its opportunities.

Further, IASGO organizes various congresses, events and conferences every year. Each year, these events are organized in different countries to increase the knowledge exchange among doctors and surgeons from different countries.

IASGO will organize The 33rd World Congress of IASGO in Istanbul, Turkey.